E31: Educating for Virtue: A conversation with Jeremy Tate

Written by Dr. Matt Bateman on December 9, 2022

Join us for a conversation with Jeremy Tate, creator of the Classic Learning Test. Motivated by a desire to reconnect knowledge and virtue, the CLT is an alternative to the traditional American SAT and ACT college entrance exams. Listen to hear more about the origins of standardized college exams in the U.S., the pedagogy behind the CLT, and where virtue fits in.

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Jeremy Tate is the founder and CEO of the Classic Learning Test. Jeremy is also the host of the Anchored Podcast, CLT’s global podcast that features discussions at the intersection of education and culture. You can find Jeremy on Twitter, @JeremyTate41. You can learn more about the Classic Learning Test at https://www.cltexam.com/.