E28: Innovation, Progress, and Education: A conversation with Rohit Krishnan

Written by Dr. Matt Bateman on August 24, 2022

This week, we are joined by software and fin-tech investor Rohit Krishnan for a sweeping discussion of big patterns around progress and innovation, and how these present both opportunities and challenges for educators today.

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Rohit is a venture capitalist and the writer of Strange Loop Canon, trying to understand the complex world through essays on innovation and progress, technology, business, science, fallibilism, probabilism and , self-proclaimedly, generally caressing the elephant's trunk and tail and hoping to understand its full majesty. You can find Rohit on Twitter (@krishnanrohit) and read his essays on his blog, Strange Loop Canon.

Dr. Matt Bateman

Dr. Matt Bateman earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2012 from the University of Pennsylvania. He taught and continued his research at Franklin and Marshall College in the Department of Psychology, on topics ranging from neuroscience to evolutionary theory to philosophy, before joining the LePort Schools as Director of Curriculum and Pedagogy in 2014.

In 2016, Dr. Matt Bateman became a founding member of Higher Ground Education. He is now Vice President of Pedagogy for Higher Ground and the Executive Director of Montessorium.