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January 10, 2023Article

E32: Independence Through Risk: A Conversation with Lenore Skenazy

Join us for a chat with Lenore Skenazy, of Free Range Kids and Let Grow, about raising independent children—why it’s so important, why it’s so hard for parents and educators to get right, and how to do it.

January 5, 2023Core Philosophy

A Better Future for Phonics

‘Sold a Story’ is the latest salvo from the front lines of these wars. In this short podcast series, journalist Emily Hanford contends that the evidence is clear: phonics is the effective approach for teaching children literacy.

Although this recent case for phonics may seem to vindicate phonics advocates and portend an end to the wars and a better future for literacy education, it carries within it the seeds of its own destruction.

December 20, 2022Core Philosophy

Knowledge as an Achievement

Montessori, unlike the centuries of educational tradition before her, did not view knowledge as a lump sum that can be gifted wholesale to a child, filling his mind as one would fill an empty vessel. Neither did she view knowledge as an experiential grab-bag, a disparate and disconnected assortment of facts and skills that can be learned (or not!) at random. Instead, for Montessori, knowledge is an achievement. It’s an effortful process that can be accelerated and whose product can be amplified by following a specific path.

December 9, 2022Podcast

E31: Educating for Virtue: A conversation with Jeremy Tate

Join us for a conversation with Jeremy Tate, creator of the Classic Learning Test. Motivated by a desire to reconnect knowledge and virtue, the CLT is an alternative to the traditional American SAT and ACT college entrance exams. Listen to hear more about the origins of standardized college exams in the U.S., the pedagogy behind the CLT, and where virtue fits in.

November 30, 2022Podcast

E30: Rethinking Pedagogy, Online: A conversation with Garrett Smiley and Jeffrey Imrich

What pedagogy plays well with virtual and tech-enabled education? Discovery-based? Project-based? Both? Neither? Join us for a lively discussion with Garrett Smiley of Sora Schools, and Jeffrey Imrich of Rock by Rock.

September 6, 2022Podcast

E29: Merging High School, College, and Work: A conversation with Ivan Cestero

One big idea in secondary and post-secondary education: collapse everything together. Join us for a discussion with Ivan Cestero of Portal Schools, on making high school a comprehensive bridge to adulthood.

August 24, 2022Podcast

E28: Innovation, Progress, and Education: A conversation with Rohit Krishnan

We are joined by software and fin-tech investor Rohit Krishnan for a sweeping discussion of big patterns around progress and innovation, and how these present both opportunities and challenges for educators today.

August 17, 2022Podcast

E27: Web3 in Education: A conversation with Vriti Saraf

Should educators care about blockchain? What does web3 actually help solve for in education? How does it relate to other trends in education?