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May 25, 2022Podcast

E23: Homeschooling: A conversation with Ryan Delk of Primer

Homeschooling is on the rise. And it’s not just disaffection from the status quo; it’s an enabler of better pedagogy. This week, we were joined by Ryan Delk, CEO and Co-Founder of Primer, an exciting ed-tech company that connects students through interest-based clubs and microschools.

May 17, 2022Podcast

E22: Montessori Education for Military Families: A conversation with Telisha Thomas and Sam Sharp

Telisha Thomas and Sam Sharp of Higher Ground Education join Matt Bateman to discuss the exciting work they're doing to bring Montessori education to military families in the United States.

May 12, 2022HistoryFeatured Essay

Plato's Allegory of the Cave: Part III

In this, the third part of our discussion of Plato’s Allegory of the Cave, we will see the character of Socrates discuss how and why those who have ascended to daylight and seen the sun will return to the darkness of the cave and its prisoners.

May 5, 2022Podcast

E21: Web3 and Education: A conversation with David Doswell and Arnaud Schenk

David Doswell and Arnaud Schenk join us for a discussion of the potentials and pitfalls for educators thinking about the blockchain-enabled internet.

May 4, 2022History

The Legacy of the “Sectional Conflict” in American Education

This piece provides evidence for a dynamic to which I have alluded in other pieces: the hostility many white southerners felt towards the New England tradition, the only well-developed educational tradition in American education at the time, and the problems this posed for the reformers who built the modern public school system.

May 4, 2022History

What is a Normal School?

A key enabler of any public education system is a standardized, scalable method for training teachers. Teacher training colleges, originally called "normal schools", were introduced in America in the mid 19th century.

May 3, 2022History

The Shift in Massachusetts' Educational Philosophy

Between 1830 and 1860, the philosophy underlying Massachusetts' educational system underwent a noticeable change. This piece explores three examples that illustrate how the educational tradition in Massachusetts developed a greater focus on democracy and the full expression of individuals' potential.

May 3, 2022Core PhilosophyFeatured Essay

Why Have Children?

Parents partially delegate to us the upbringing of their child—an inherently serious, complicated, fragile decision that demands of us that we fully understand their reasons, reasons that have to do with their aspirations for their children, and even their reasons for having children in the first place.

Here, we explore that root question a bit: Why be a parent? Why have a child?

April 29, 2022Core Philosophy

Effecting Enlightenment in Education, 400 Years Late

Opening remarks given at The Great Rethink in Education Conference, April 2022

April 14, 2022Core Philosophy


Practice is not just about learning math, learning to draw, learning to drive, learning to speak a foreign language. It’s also core to learning to be a parent, learning to have a friendship, learning to be brave—to learning anything at all, up to and including living life itself.