E34: Parents as Customers: A conversation with Debra Ross

Written by Dr. Matt Bateman on February 21, 2023

In education, how should we conceive of the parent as a customer? This week, join us for a discussion with Deb Ross, founder of KidsOutAndAbout.com, as we dig into questions of parenting, choice, and what parents really want from schools.

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Debra E. Ross is the founder, publisher, and CEO of Kids Out And About, LLC, a media and marketing company whose purpose is to celebrate what local communities offer their residents and visitors, on two main platforms: KidsOutAndAbout.com and BeyondTheNest.com. KidsOutAndAbout.com, originally launched in the Rochester area in 2001, focuses on activities for kids, teens, and families. BeyondTheNest.com, launched in 2016, connects local adult audiences with their community's arts, culture, and recreation options. The sites provide comprehensive calendar and resource lists for 45 local regions across the U.S. and Canada, attracting 15 million unique visitors per year.

Dr. Matt Bateman

Dr. Matt Bateman earned his Ph.D. in Philosophy in 2012 from the University of Pennsylvania. He taught and continued his research at Franklin and Marshall College in the Department of Psychology, on topics ranging from neuroscience to evolutionary theory to philosophy, before joining the LePort Schools as Director of Curriculum and Pedagogy in 2014.

In 2016, Dr. Matt Bateman became a founding member of Higher Ground Education. He is now Vice President of Pedagogy for Higher Ground and the Executive Director of Montessorium.