The individual human life, fully lived, is an end in itself.

Montessorium articulates a philosophy of education that explores this idea and its implications.

Montessorium, Higher Ground's think tank, is aimed at understanding human potential through the lens of its underpinnings: knowledge, work, agency, and humanism.

What is Montessorium?

Montessorium crystalizes and encapsulates the philosophy of Higher Ground Education.

Higher Ground is a growing network of Montessori schools, trainings, and services. Montessorium is the think tank of that network. It is a research project, premised on diving deep into the philosophy of Montessori and offering it a fresh articulation.

Our core principles are:

  • A humanities approach to defining our core principles: history and philosophy are unapologetically at the foundation
  • An uncompromised centering of the individual agency of the child
  • A commitment to transcending the false alternatives between more classical and more progressive educational approaches
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E34: Parents as Customers: A conversation with Debra Ross

In education, how should we conceive of the parent as a customer? This week, join us for a discussion with Deb Ross, founder of, as we dig into questions of parenting, choice, and what parents really want from their schools.

Core Philosophy

Preparing for Virtue

As parents and teachers, we want to prepare children to face this vast array of decisions with confidence and integrity. Whatever our view of what is right and virtuous, we want them to have the capacity to make choices with conviction and to follow through with corresponding action. Yet, Montessori believed the traditional methods for building this capacity, rather than supporting children, stunt them.


Lincoln on Education

Over the course of his career, the way Lincoln talked about education changed from an emphasis on understanding the values of one’s community to an emphasis on securing one’s autonomy, in both judgment and action, which he seemed to think would result in individuals rising to a defense of community values.

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