Montessorium is proudly partnering with The Prepared Montessorian and The Academy of Thought and Industry to offer a number of rigorous and engaging courses spanning a broad range of education-centered topics.

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The History of Education

This course surveys three millennia of educational thought, focusing on the big picture aims and curricular-pedagogical frameworks in Western education. We’ll start with the emergence of curricular education in antiquity, follow the development of classicism through the 19th century, and then examine burgeoning progressive movements. Montessori will be considered as a third historical alternative to these two schools.

Price $90 – $180
Duration12 Weeks

Theory of Enchantment

Through exploring themes from The Lion King to MLK’s famous “I have a dream” speech, we’ll help you change the world one interaction at a time. Explore the intersection of racism and identity by enrolling in Theory of Enchantment and, in just 6 weeks, realize the potential of a more compassionate, cooperative world.

Designed for high school students who want to be enchanted by the beautiful world of people around them, in all its riotous complexity. This is a place for honest, open, and deep conversations about race, humanity, and who we are as individuals.

The course is based on the Theory of Enchantment, developed by Chloe Valdary, an American writer and entrepreneur who teaches social and emotional learning and diversity and inclusion in schools. Her work has been covered in Psychology Today Magazine and her writings have appeared in the New York Times and the Wall St Journal.

Duration12 Weeks

Progress Studies for Young Scholars

Progress Studies for Young Scholars is an online program of guided self-study in the history of industrial civilization for high school students. It is the joint initiative of The Roots of Progress and the Academy of Thought and Industry.

This program will explore: what problems, challenges and hardships in life and work were faced by people in earlier generations and centuries? And how did we solve those problems through science, technology, and invention.