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Montessorium represents the philosophy of Higher Ground Education. Higher Ground is an educational platform—including teacher training, curricular tools, infant through high school programming, and schools around the world—all built to manifest and leverage the Montessori philosophy of education.

Montessorium is our ongoing articulation of that philosophy. It is a school of thought in Montessori education, emphasizing the development of the fully lived human life and its underpinnings: knowledge, work, agency, and mutualism.

A center for Montessorian Thought

We articulate our core philosophy, and also have specific initiatives designed to deepen our understanding of and apply this philosophy to novel issues—race and identity, for example, or the relationship between pedagogy and the digital age.

The thinking represented here is largely our own, but to say that it is inspired by Maria Montessori is an understatement. Montessorium, more than any other single factor, rests on a sustained, deep engagement with Montessori's work.

From App Company to Think Tank

Montessorium started in the mid 2000's, creating Montessori-related content and apps in the very early days of the iPad.

Those apps live at Guidepost Montessori. And the innovative, iconoclastic spirit of Montessorium—that drew the admiration of Steve Jobs—certainly lives on here.

But Montessorium has been reinvented as a research center, a place to publish and house Higher Ground's most theoretical work and our fundamental approach.

The beating heart of Higher Ground is our philosophy of education and human development. Montessorium will both make that heart stronger and bare it to the world.
Ray Girn
Founder & CEO, Higher Ground Education

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