The individual human life, fully lived, is an end in itself.

Montessorium articulates a philosophy of education that explores this idea and its implications.

Montessorium, Higher Ground's think tank, is aimed at understanding human potential through the lens of its underpinnings: knowledge, work, agency, and humanism.

What is Montessorium?

Montessorium crystalizes and encapsulates the philosophy of Higher Ground Education.

Higher Ground is a growing network of Montessori schools, trainings, and services. Montessorium is the think tank of that network. It is a research project, premised on diving deep into the philosophy of Montessori and offering it a fresh articulation.

Our core principles are:

  • A humanities approach to defining our core principles: history and philosophy are unapologetically at the foundation
  • An uncompromised centering of the individual agency of the child
  • A commitment to transcending the false alternatives between more classical and more progressive educational approaches
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