Are your apps available on the Google Play Store?

We do! Two of our most popular apps are available in the Play Store: Intro to Math and Intro to Letters. Check them out!

What resources do you have for schools?

We have a few resources we’re excited to offer schools:

Apps for children: We’re proud participants in Apple’s Volume Purchase Program! You’ll get a significant discount on purchases of 20 apps or more.

For parents: Primary, our app for parents, is a great tool for your parent education program. Share the articles and activities via email or your social media pages, conduct workshops around a specific topic with help from our thought-provoking pieces or contribute your own articles to be featured in Primary!

Can you help resolve sound issues with my apps?

Absolutely! We’re happy to help troubleshoot. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Check the mute button on the outside of your device. If you see orange, your device is muted.
  2. Go to Settings/Sounds, and check to make sure your sound settings are correct.
  3. Check to make sure you have the latest iOS installed, please.
  4. Uninstall and reinstall the app. It will be free, because you’ve already purchased it!
  5. One last idea. Take a look here: and check that the tricky ‘Music Off’ isn’t selected.

If you’re still encountering issues, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, and we’ll continue to troubleshoot via email. Thanks for downloading!

How do I personalize my Primary app for parents?

When you first download Primary, you’ll be guided through just a few on boarding steps that will personalize your app based on topics of interest or age group. Save your progress by creating an account with your email address, Facebook or Google.

If you’re already in the app, head to Explore to select new topics of interest then create an account to save your profile!

How does the Recording Studio in Intro to Letters work?

Our latest update to Intro to Letters has repositioned the app as a tool to help your child learn the English alphabet. However, if you’re interested in using the app to teach letters in a language other than English (Spanish, French, German, etc) you can use the Recording Booth in app settings to record your own voice in your language.

First, record all sounds and names of the letters of the alphabet. Then, tap the toggle that says “Use my recordings” to hear your voice throughout the app!

Which iOS and device do I need?

Our apps are compatible with iPhones and iPads that are running iOS 8 or later.

Our geography apps, Intro to United States and Intro to Geography: World Edition do require iPhone 6 and 6+ or newer due to screen size limitations. Please check the compatibility on the App Store if you’re unsure, or send us an email before purchasing!

What's the educational foundation for these apps?

Every Montessorium app features foundational learning techniques that were developed and honed in the Montessori classroom.

While there is no replacement for hands-on learning, our apps are a great supplement for any family that chooses to use technology at home! Feel free to email us if you have further questions.

Are you interested in discussing partnerships?

We’d love to! Please get in touch with your ideas for ways to partner with us.


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