Addition Snake Game

July 15, 2016
The Addition Snake Game is a fun and exciting way for children to begin memorizing addition facts.

The goal of this work is to turn the colorful snake into a golden snake by counting to ten! Let’s explore.

The game has three different components which are organized by colored boxes in a single tray. The black and white box houses the Black and White Bead Stair. Multicolored beads are in the red box, and of course the golden beads are in the gold box!

From previous work in the classroom, the child will be familiar with the colors associated with a certain quantity. For example, one is red. Four is yellow. With the Addition Snake Game, children are building on this math knowledge to begin memorizing addition facts!

During the first presentation, the guide prepares the colored beads so the numbers come out evenly in sets of 10. After setting up the snake with the colored beads, the child will count to ten!

At the 10 mark, the child will place a marker along with a golden bar. They continue this way until the entire snake is golden.

During the second presentation, the guide will demonstrate what to do if the numbers don’t come out to exact sets of 10, which may happen when the child is creating their own snake.

If the child got to ten in the middle of a set of beads, the remaining beads on that bar are replaced with the appropriate quantity from the black and white beads, otherwise known as the Black and White Bead Stair. These help the child with any leftovers they may need to fill in to add up to 10!

For instance, 5 beads and 2 beads and 7 beads. Once the child has counted to ten, three beads into the bar of seven, they’ll place a marker and a bar of 10. They’ll also place the black bar of four, and remove the marker, as well as the bars of five and two and seven. They’ll begin counting to ten again, starting after the gold bar — with the black bar of four.

Lastly, The child checks their work by lining up the golden bead bars with the colored beads. For example, 1 red bead plus 9 blue bead bar equals 1 golden bead bar.

The child feels a lot of excitement when they are able to work with the Snake Game! It helps them identify sets of 10, which will solidify their knowledge of basic addition facts, such as 4+6, 7+3, all equalling 10. The world of math unfolds before them, and they are able to embrace it without hesitation.

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