Mystery Bag

July 11, 2017
The Mystery Bag, often referred to as the Stereognostic bag, is not as mysterious as the title may lead you to believe.

The purpose of the activity is to help children develop their stereognostic senses, our ability to identify objects based on touch alone, and support their material visualization.

Here’s how it works:

A variety of small objects are housed in an attractive cloth bag. The child reaches into the bag and searches for an object. The child is familiar with all of the objects in the bag from previous work, and should be able to identify them by touch alone.

The purpose is to select an object inside the bag, feel the object, and name the object. The child will then bring out the object and place it on the table, ascertaining whether or not they’ve correctly identified the object.

Montessori believed that children learn through their senses. The Mystery Bag is one of the many activities designed to help refine a child’s senses, which ultimately, is how they come to develop an understanding of the world.

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