Environment Cards

July 11, 2017
Environment Cards are a set of cards with the names of everyday objects and activities in a child's classroom environment.

A Montessori teacher will typically walk with a child to a shelf and introduce them to this activity.

Here’s an example of what the cards might look like:

First, a Montessori teacher will ask the child to sound out the letters and then encourage them to read what is said on the card. For example, “plant”. The child then matches the card to the object, in this case a plant, and leaves the card there while completing the rest of the stack.

Once a child is comfortable with the process, they can carry on the activity on their own, going through the environment and matching the name card to the object.

Environment Cards can be a great exercise to try at home. Here’s an example of some of the objects you might consider utilizing in your environment:

There are so many wonderful ways to bring the Montessori Environment Cards into your home.

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