Dressing Frames

September 17, 2015
Children learn how to manipulate buttons, zippers, and snaps, developing independence and care of self.

An important area of the Montessori classroom is Practical Life. This is where children learn to do things that they see grown-ups doing, and crave to do for themselves. They might learn things like pouring water, sewing, and paper cutting.

There is also an area within practical life dedicated to Dressing Frames. In other words, wooden frames with cloth stretched over the top, each encompassing a different skill to learn. Buttons, zippers, velcro, snaps, tying bows, clasps, and more! Anything that a child might encounter while dressing themselves can be included in these frames.

Here’s an example of a type of closure a child might find on a bicycle helmet. While the child works on this specific clasp, they are also improving their hand strength and task-persistence. The dressing frames are just one more example of how the Montessori classroom helps prepare children for independence!

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