Why I Believe in Primary

Story by October 14, 2016
Why is Primary the only parenting app you'll even need? Bill, CEO at Montessorium, shares his reflections on the new community.

A few months ago, Bobby and June George – they’re the wildly successful founders of Montessorium and creators of beautiful childrens’ apps – told me that they wanted to build and launch a new app for parents. The app, initially called “Parent On”, was intended to be a single gathering place for parents. A place where parents could get tips, read original articles and content about parent, and talk with other parents in a parenting-positive environment. I was stoked.

Over the past eight months we’ve worked tirelessly to design and build the most amazing parenting app. We’ve curated original content from our team and from contributors. We’ve built activity packs that put parents in a position to engage their child in meaningful ways during the most important times of their child’s life. And we’ve tested, asked for feedback, talked to users, and tweaked what we are now calling “Primary” so that it’s the best app and social network available for parents. We couldn’t be more excited about what’s to come.

I believe as a parent myself that we all can use a little nudge. An insightful tip. A sage voice as we navigate the challenge of being the best parent that we can be. Primary is here to do that. It’s for parents like me and you and we hope that you see in the way it’s built – with love for parents and their children – that it’s something that will be a valuable part of your life as a parent.

And what I’m really excited about is what Primary will become that we can’t even imagine. Of course, we have some delightful surprises ahead: new collaborators, partnerships with people and products we love (and we think you will, too), and some neat curated collections that we’re hoping to have available. We’ll also start imagining the next step in the Montessorium path – a way for Primary to be a hub for all of your child’s learning, growth, and development along the Montessori path.

My journey with Primary started thinking and dreaming with the Montessorium team. We – our mighty, small, and dedicated team – have launched Primary and hope you’ll come along on this journey with us. A journey where learning is a lifestyle and where, with a little help, we can follow the child through their development and growth. And do it just a little bit better.

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