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Smart Flashcards for Curious Kids

Story by April 18, 2018
We’re bringing flashcards into the future and we need your help. Meet Tooder. Tooder is the smart flashcard companion that teaches your child while learning what they need help with the most.

While researching flashcards, we discovered a problem: Flashcards are poorly designed, made with extremely low quality materials, and are often confusing in the educational value they’re trying to impart. Not only that, they fail to inspire confidence or independence and are a missed opportunity to help children learn.

We knew we could do better. We took our design experience, our educational background, and our technological know-how to bring flashcards into the future. We wanted to make them accessible and affordable to children worldwide, and that’s why we’re so very pleased to introduce you to Tooder – Smart Flashcards for Curious Kids.

We completely redesigned the flashcard experience, using better materials, a tried-and-tested educational philosophy (Montessori), and we even figured out a better way to present the educational content: by focusing on one subject matter at a time.

On top of that, we decided to make the flashcards smarter, pairing them with cutting-edge advances in technology, including image-recognition, artificial intelligence and augmented reality. Pretty cool, right?

See what Tooder is all about by becoming an early adopter on Kickstarter! We can’t wait to share Tooder with you.

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