The Montessori Infant

Story by June 06, 2016
These ideas from Lindsay Dewald will help you incorporate the philosophy of the Montessori classroom in your infant's environment.

Montessori at Home for the infant can be a bit tricky given their lack of fine and large motor skills, but with just a little mindfulness you can offer your baby a great deal! First things first, be aware of the types of toys you are offering them – because beauty in the Montessori environment is part of the philosophy, I try to offer my nearly 4-month-old natural, wooden, simple toys, like these. Partly because they are beautiful and partly because I don’t want her to be overstimulated by anything too bright or loud.

Grasping Beads

Our entire house is calmer when our toys are calm. I’ve also noticed that she seems content for much longer when she just has one thing in front of her as opposed to sticking her in front of a handful of things. At her age she is just starting to grasp toys and gum on them, but not being able to sit up or fully roll over limits her a bit in what she can do right now.

Wall Mirror

Another great thing for baby as early as a day old is a low level wall mirror. You will always find a child level mirror in a Primary Montessori setting for care of self practice and in an infant setting, they are wonderful as well. They make tummy time and independent play so much more enjoyable – the wall mirror gives baby a chance to see and study their own face, see the room in a new way and turn and lift their heads in ways they may not otherwise.

An important part in setting up your home environment is knowing that it will constantly be changing based on your child’s development, abilities and learning. So if something doesn’t seem to be working or is not of interest to your child, that’s okay. Try again in a few weeks and you might see a totally different outcome!

A few quick and easy things you can do at home, right now:

Thanks, and until next time!

Materials to try:
IKEA Baby Gym
Hemp Grasping Beads
Look Look! Book

About Lindsay Dewald:

Lindsay first fell in love with the Montessori philosophy 12 years ago, while working at an after-school program and pursuing a degree in Marketing. She realized that her love for working with children wasn’t a fall back, but rather what she was meant to do.

While working as an assistant in the classroom, Lindsay completed her Montessori training, and went on to help establish a primary classroom in her hometown of Cincinnati. Alongside her husband, she now runs a small business called the City Flea and stays home with her two ‘Montessori girls’. Read more on Primary, a new app for parents coming soon, and on Lindsay’s Instagram.

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