Starting School

Story by August 16, 2017
Going back to school is a special time of year. There's a sense of excitement in the air, new pencils and notebooks, maybe even some new clothes. It's also a time of transition, as your child phases out of their summer routine and heads back to school (or perhaps to school for the very first time). 

Here are 4 things you can expect as your child heads back to school.
1) Don’t expect to hear too much
As your child starts to settle into their new school, or new classroom, or becomes familiar with their new teacher or peers, there’s a lot happening all at once. Don’t worry if your child doesn’t share everything. There’s a lot to process. Rest assured, your child will choose to share what they think is important when they’re ready.
Pro tip: Listen patiently.
2) There might be emotions
Changing routines can be extremely difficult. Give it some time as your child settles in to their new routine and be prepared to handle a range of emotions. Expressing a lot of emotions during this transition is perfectly normal – from tearful drop-offs to extremely happy pick-ups – so try to be prepared and stay positive during this time.
Pro tip: Be positive.
3) Develop Consistent Routines
One day might not be exactly like the last, but as your child starts to get into their new routine you’ll start to notice more and more stability develop. They’ll become more confident, more assured, and generally happier – they’ll know exactly what to expect and there can be great comfort in knowing what comes next.

Pro tip: Help maintain a consistent home environment.
4) Look Back in Six Weeks
One thing to remember about transitions is that they take time. However much we don’t like to hear it, “taking time” can be the best solution to the problem. Give it six weeks and then look back and assess. Have things improved?
Pro tip: Evaluate things in six weeks.
Originally published on Primary.

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