Tips to build healthy parenting habits.

Story by October 02, 2017
Get a daily dose of parenting positivity, morning, noon or night. Customize the time of day you'd like to feel inspired!

Primary parenting tips offer gentle reminders and helpful advice. Best of all, the short format lets you check in for a positive tip without getting distracted from what’s important: Time with your family.

Primary parenting tips are one of the most popular features of the app, and now you can customize the time of day you’d like to receive your tip! The image above is what they look like in your home feed.

Select your Tip Time!

Do you prefer to receive a positive tip in the morning? Perhaps you just dropped your child off at school and could use a friendly reminder. Maybe you find yourself thinking about your child on your lunch break? Select to receive a tip at noon. Are you more of a night owl? Choose night and receive a positive affirmation before you go to bed.

Change your Tip Time
If you’d like to switch up what time of day you receive your parenting tip, it’s no problem. Change your tip time, anytime, by going into your settings. Simply select the daily tip reminder and choose morning, noon or night.

Get your dose of parenting positivity when you need it in Primary.

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