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Schools, help your parents bring Montessori home.

Story by October 02, 2017
Are you a school community that's trying to strengthen parent education? Try Primary, a great, free resource to reach families at home.

Dear Teachers and Schools,

As owners of a Montessori school, we’re constantly looking for ways we can better help families incorporate Montessori at home. That’s why we built Primary.

We want to share this free resource with you, too. We think you’ll enjoy it.

Here’s some more information:

Primary is a free iPhone app for parents with daily positive tips, helpful articles and resources, and a safe place to ask questions. It was built with Montessori in mind.

You can download Primary for free from the App Store. Then, we’d love to hear what you think. How can we make Primary the perfect parenting resource for your community’s needs?

If you think the families of your school could benefit from it, please feel free to pass it along. Together, we can support the child by supporting parents too.

We’d love to stay in touch and work together to make Primary your go to resource for your families. Please feel free to send us a note anytime: [email protected]

Bobby and June

P.S. You can download Primary by following the link below.

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