Primary, The Year in Review

Story by December 08, 2017
The five most popular posts of 2017 from the Primary Community - collected in one place. See what made the list and enjoy the short, informative reads.

1. What’s More Powerful Than Good Job?

What’s so bad about saying, “Good Job”? Educator June George explains why teachers in a Montessori classroom refrain from using that phrase.

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2. Trouble with Sticker Charts

Everyone loves stickers. So, what’s the problem? Well, as this post demonstrates, stickers complicate a child’s natural motivations, setting expectations that might not be in line with how a child actually learns.

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3. Movement in Montessori

The Montessori classroom is designed for movement. From scrubbing the floors to working with the pink tower or math activities, children are prompted to move. Ready why that’s important for child development.

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4. No Tests No Homework No Grades

Written by Trevor Eissler, this post really hit home. No tests, no homework, no grades. You need to try it, implores Eissler. Read how he incorporates this philosophy into his family.

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5. The More Breakable the Better

Children plus glass? It sounds like a disaster waiting to happen! Learn why this formulae works in a Montessori classroom and how you can incorporate it at home.

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Did you have favorite Primary posts this year?

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