Primary featured by Montessori International Magazine

Story by June 28, 2018
Primary was recently featured in the Montessori International magazine. We were so smitten and humbled by the review that we had to share it here. Check it out, then go visit their website to learn more.

Parenting Positivity, by Amanda Engelbach

“The recently launched free Primary app by Montessorium is a fantastic one stop source of Montessori-inspired parenting inspiration. Once downloaded, parents are encouraged to personalize their experience by choosing an age range and topics they find interesting.

Every day, newly updated articles, videos and hands-on activities based on the chosen topics appear in the home feed as well as a tip of the day which offers encouraging nuggets of practical wisdom. A couple I particularly liked are “Help your child self-regulate by modeling your own struggles”, “I keep dropping things. I better take a moment to slow down” and “Study other cultures by following your child’s interests. If they love animals, look at animals from each continent. If they like sports, do the same.”

To give an idea of the breadth of the articles, in the spirit of this issue’s theme. I put “peace” into the “Explore” section which brought up the following topics and activities.

Bedtime yoga, parent-teacher partnerships, fostering healthy sibling relationships, creating good screen habits, the power of silence, the importance of beauty in a Montessori classroom, starting fresh with home organization, the art of peaceful parenting, meditation, choosing clothing without conflict, and helping your child learn patience.

Parents can also chat with our other parents and share ideas in the app’s community. Research into what was already out there for parents revealed that information was often overwhelming and scattered hence the app was developed to offer a unified place where parents can go for inspiration and support in raising and engaging with their children at home. It’s professionally designed and easy to use and would be a great addition to any parent education initiative.”

A special thanks to The Montessori International magazine. Montessori International provides up-to-date news and events, bright ideas for the classroom and home and informative articles. The magazine is used throughout the Montessori community to enrich children’s education and lives. You can visit their website here:

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