Practice, Practice, Practice

Story by May 28, 2017
The practice section of Intro to Letters is one of the most popular exercises in the entire app.

After advancing through a number of guided activities, from learning lowercase letters and their sounds to uppercase letters and their names, you arrive at the practice section, where you can let loose and practice the letters you wish.

The practice section is comprised of three main areas: lowercase, uppercase and phonograms. Does your child love writing their name, and want to get some extra practice in on those specific letters?

What about those tricky letters, like the capital Q or the lowercase m? How about that ue phonogram? What letters give your child pause? The practice section is a perfect place to practice, practice, practice!

One of the neat features of the practice section is the ability to practice tracing lowercase letters, phonograms or uppercase letters, and then seeing your work outside the confines of the sandpaper letter container. Simply select the eye icon and you’re child will be able to view your work on its own.

Remember to follow your child through any activities. If they aren’t interested in practicing, come back at another time! If they love dinosaurs, perhaps you can play a sound game and practice those letters, “What’s the first sound in Ttttttyrannosaurus Rex? T? Let’s trace it!”

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