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Story by October 02, 2017
While having the internet at the tip of your finger can be helpful, it's also overwhelming. Rather than spend your time wading through thousands of articles to get the information you need, come to Primary!

Select topics that you find of interest and enjoy a personalized app. Then spend your valuable time reading what matters most, rather than scrolling through all the rest.

Here’s how it works:

Choose Your Topics

When you download Primary, you’ll be prompted to select the topics that you find of interest. For example, you can choose Arts and Crafts, Behavior, Cooking, Early Learning, Family Life, Montessori, Videos, and more.

If you’d rather select topics at a later time, that’s ok too. You can still see what the app has to offer and personalize later in the Explore section.

Select as many topics as you’d like, but make sure you select at least three. That’ll help Primary know how to customize your app and deliver exactly what you want.

Home Feed:
Your home feed is where you’ll find everything you need. Take a quick look at the tip of the day, then scroll down to see newly updated articles and activities based on your chosen interests.

Don’t see what you’re looking for? Head to the Explore section, where you can search by keywords or discover by topic.


Along with a powerful search bar, it’s here in Explore that you’ll also be able to update your topics of interest.

Simply click ‘edit’, then add or delete topics to personalize your app. You can edit these at any time. If you have a new topic you’d like to see, send us ideas at [email protected]!

Start personalizing your Primary experience now by downloading the app for free from the App Store.

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