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Story by October 23, 2015
Welcome to our brand new website! It's not just a fancy change of scenery. It marks a fundamental change in the trajectory of our company. We're shifting gears to emphasize a philosophy we've always known to be true. Namely, that learning is a lifestyle.

As you make your way through the site, you’ll notice it’s much more editorial in approach. It doesn’t feel like just-any-other tech company. It’s brighter, roomier and more transparent. That’s deliberate.

We’re educators making apps, not technologists trying to reinvent education. By utilizing technology, we hope to make Montessori educational approaches more widely accessible.

New Website

When we built our new website, we asked ourselves two questions:

  1. Will it help children learn?
  2. Will it support parents to be better parents?

If the answer was “no”, we scrapped it. If the answer was “yes”, we worked to make it sing. With that in mind, there are two prongs to our focus at Montessorium:

1. Encouraging Parents:

While we’ve always felt fairly well adept at helping support children in their efforts to learn, we’ve fallen short in our efforts to provide parents – and teachers – with adequate resources to help make informed decisions. We hope to change that with these educational opportunities:

  1. Activities: Not everyone has access to a Montessori classroom, but incorporating Montessori at home is easy to do. With these weekly Montessori-inspired activities coming to your inbox, it’s possible to embrace the philosophy and understanding of childhood that the Montessori method embodies.
  2. Encyclopedia: What makes up a Montessori classroom? We call them materials, and they range from practical activities like Bead Stringing to skip counting with the Bead Cabinet. In the Encyclopedia, we examine each material individually, explaining what it is and its purpose.
  3. Ask Charlotte Our resident Montessori guide, Charlotte Wood, joins us with videos, blogposts, and open question sessions. Do you have a question about Montessori? Ask Charlotte. We often do! Check out Facebook or Twitter for live ‘Ask Charlotte’ conversations, or peruse the Community page of the new website for insights from Ms. Wood.

Ultimately, what we do as adults impacts how children will come to view the world, and the more we can learn ourselves, the better prepared we believe we will be to help our children.

2. Empowering Children:

Our vision for the future of education is deeply rooted in the insights of the Italian physician and educator, Maria Montessori. She observed that children were born naturally inquisitive. That, as adults, we didn’t have to force them to learn.

Once this perspective is adopted, our relationship with children completely changes. Instead of trying to “teach” them directly, Montessori opened up another path, one that allows us to “follow” their individual interests.

Our primary role, both as parents and educators, is to provide a safe and nurturing environment for children. A place where the values of curiosity, exploration and discovery are equally supported by the joys of learning.

On this model, the only reward that truly empowers children is their desire to challenge themselves. There is no need to try to “entertain” them to learn. The sense of accomplishment when you finish something is all that matters.

Learning is a lifestyle.

The new site is built to grow with us as we learn how to better empower children and encourage parents. You might see changes, maybe even frequently, as we strive to provide amazing resources about parenting, childhood, Montessori and more. We can’t wait to get started.

Let’s build a lifestyle of learning together.

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