Meet the Reed Family

Story by October 20, 2015
We’d love to introduce the Reed family.

When we first asked the Reed’s if they would like to have a conversation around education, apps, and family life in general, this was their response: “Thank you for reaching out! We would be so honored to be a part of this!”

“Thank you for reaching out! We would be so honored to be a part of this!”

What a great way to be. Open, enthusiastic, and willing to engage. We quickly set up a time to visit, cameras in tow. We weren’t quite sure of where the conversation might lead, but looked forward to visiting some of our favorite young Montessorians.

Owen, James, and Andrew are bright stars, brimming with excitement and curiosity about the world around them. Owen immediately began recounting his participation in the local production of “Jungle Book”, while James described his adventures in the backyard, dreaming about space exploration. Andrew, well he was busy balancing on his mother’s lap, but chimed in with a gurgle now and then.

We were greatly looking forward to speaking about the transition of their oldest son, Owen, from Montessori to public school last year. You see, both Heather and Simon are educators in our local high schools, and might have had some interesting observations based on their experiences in education.

“When our son transitioned from the Montessori classroom to the traditional classroom, he was in the perfect position to begin his educational journey."

Simon continued. “There wasn’t a phasing in period of learning to become independent, transitioning away from home, or even figuring out the basics of eating lunch by himself. He was prepared to begin his studies.”

The Reed’s had a few things to say about Montessorium apps as well. Heather explains. “Many supposed educational apps provide a couple of features that discourage real learning for the sake of learning. Often excessive support is given so that the child just keeps pressing on possible answers on the screen until told they are correct.

Montessorium apps require the student to think about the answer and then actually draw, drag, and connect on the screen in order to succeed in a task. Our children feel like they actually accomplished something when they are working in Montessorium apps. The difference is evident on their faces and their words.”

"Montessorium apps uphold the joy of learning in ways other app don't."

“The other big advantage to Montessorium apps is that the children aren’t working for some cartoon or prize after completing work. The work is a reward in itself – true to Montessori philosophy!

When Owen finished sections of Map Work, he was excited that he’d learned about states and their location, rather than being excited about earning 100 stars or getting to play a mindless game after doing his work. James tells us about the animals he now associates with different states and makes personal connections to them. Montessorium apps are created so that children see the work itself as a reward!”

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