Kid’s Recording Studio

Story by May 26, 2017
The kid's recording studio in Intro to Letters is one of the most popular features. Why? Because it allows children to record their own voice, play it back, and see how they did. Here's how it works:

There are three sections in the kid’s recording studio: 1) lowercase letters, 2) phonograms, and 3) capital letters. In these three sections, children are primarily working on letter sounds, phonograms, and letter names. Practice, practice, practice! Choosing one of the sections will let the real work begin. Let’s get started.

Lowercase Letters

Tapping into the first section, your child will practice their lowercase letter sounds. Clicking on the microphone will let your child record their own voice. Like a clock, you’ll see how much time is left by the grey bar that moves around. (Be sure to enable the microphone on your device!) Want to hear the sound you just recorded? Simply click on the playback button.

It’s sounding good!


Phonograms are a special treat. As your child is learning their letter sounds, phonograms can be a little tricky. Phonograms are two letters which, combined together, make a new sound. Going through the recording studio will let your child hear the sound, practice on their own, and then playback to confirm they’re on the right track.


Once your child has gone through their lowercase letters and phonograms, it’s time to practice their uppercase letters. The point of this exercise is to name the letters. Swiping right to left you can slide through and practice as many as you like, as many times as you like. The pink backgrounds are for consonants and the blue backgrounds are for vowels!


Have the ability to practice your letter sounds, phonograms and letter names, by hearing your own voice, offers positive feedback. It can be difficult to get instruction from someone else, telling you to pronounce a letter differently, but when you hear your own voice side by side with another, you can recognize the differences yourself. You can take learning into your own hands.

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