Intro to Colors. A Fresh New Look

Story by July 20, 2017
Intro to Colors has been completely redesigned.

Intro to Colors now offers Arabic, Dutch, English UK, English US, French, German, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, and Spanish as well as a completely fresh new look. We’ve also entirely rebuilt the coloring section, making it that much more fun! You can download the app now for your iPhone or iPad or learn more about each section of the app below. Happy coloring!

Primary Colors

With self-directed activities, we will walk your child or student through the primary colors. These interactive exercises utilize the Montessori color tablets. Children will drag, match and tap on the primary colors, while confirming their understanding. As a side note: for those like us that thought green was a primary color, we owe our misunderstanding to Aristotle.

Secondary Colors

Once an appreciation has been gained for the primary colors, we progress to the next step in the series: an introduction to the secondary colors. Building upon the exercises in the first section, we extend the colors to encompass orange, green, blue, purple, black, pink, brown, grey and white.


Spin the wheel. Choose your color. In this activity, your child or student will be tasked with organizing the colors from light to dark, or from dark to light. The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that the child has an understanding of color, and extending their knowledge of the spectrum. Drag to reorder!


This is one of our favorite sections in the app. It allows children an opportunity to free form color. What is also unique about the Montessori approach to color, is that, instead of offering one of every color, we start only with the foundations, red, yellow, blue. What we hope children discover on their own, is what colors are made when multiple colors intersect. For instance, if you add a bit of yellow to red, what happens? Orange appears!


In one the most beloved activities, we spice things up with a little seek-and-find. With beautiful illustrations, the app prompts your child or student to discover a color. “Which one is, pink?” By doing things this way, we are now associating that color with an object. This is the final connection before a firm grasp of the concept can be acquired. “Can you find, green?”

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