How I Became an Artist

Story by April 20, 2016

Do you ever reflect on a moment from your childhood and think, that’s the moment I became obsessed with nature. Or music. Or writing. That’s the spark that drove me to learn Spanish. Or study architecture.

As parents, we never know what those pivotal moments might be for our children. And that’s why it’s important to create space, time, and experiences for them to follow their interests. Sometimes it’s the small moments that mean the most.

For Connor Burtis, designer at Montessorium, the small moment that turned into a passion for art and design came when drawing with chalk on the driveway with his mother. Turns out, she’s a master of the chalk art, and Connor didn’t want to miss out. Here’s his story:

On any given summer day during my childhood, you would find my mother, sister, and myself camped out on the driveway, covered in chalk dust. My mom is an artist herself, and as you can see in the photo, is pretty handy with a stick of chalk and a slab of concrete.

As I reflect now on my chosen career as a graphic designer, I often think that those moments drawing with her had a big impact on my young imagination. The lines and colors on the driveway grabbed hold of my interest, and to this day I’m still fascinated by illustrating.

In the same way that I gravitated towards art as a child, I’m curious to see what that spark will be for my daughter. Will she fall in love with nature during our walks and become a biologist? Or will her empathy for others lead her to a healthcare profession? As parents, we never know what idea might take hold in our child’s mind and grow along with them.

These small but significant moments of childhood lay the foundation for life. As Montessori says, “Is the child’s mental horizon limited to what he sees? No. He has a type of mind that goes beyond the concrete. He has the great power of imagination.”

In Primary, our new app for parents, we’re creating an environment that reminds us of the joy in the small moments of parenting. We offer resources and tools like daily tips, weekend activities to do at home, and a forum to chat with other like-minded families.

We invite you to join us for the small things that could mean everything one day.

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