Help Your Kids Eat Independently

Story by January 20, 2016
Ever wonder how to facilitate your child's lunch time? Nancy Yen from OmieLife has a few ideas!

Have you ever opened up your child’s lunchbox only to discover that he’s eaten next to nothing? All of us parents worry at one point or another whether our kids are eating enough, especially when they’re at school and we can’t remind them to stop and recharge.

In developing OmieBox, I have visited countless schools and playgrounds to watch kids at lunchtime.  Here are some easy tips that can help your kids eat better and more independently at school:

Do you have any tips for easing the lunch process for your child? Send us a note, and thanks for reading!

About Nancy Yen:

Nancy is the founder of OmieLife, and developed the OmieBox after realizing there must be a better way to pack lunches for her young sons. She enjoys challenging conventional wisdom, and is always looking for a better way to do things.

The lunchbox pictured in the article is an OmieBox.  You can purchase them at

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