East Fork Pottery

Story by May 06, 2017
When we toured our first Montessori classroom, we were absolutely bewildered by what we saw: children using real, breakable materials.

Children were picking up vases and watering plants. They were drinking out of glass cups. They were tending to their classroom the way an adult may pay attention to their home – with love and care and compassion.

A flurry of questions crossed our minds: Why are they letting children use these breakable materials? Isn’t it dangerous? What if they break? Haven’t they heard of plastic? Why are they letting the children do these things for themselves?


What we came to learn was that by empowering children to use real glass cups and other breakable materials, children were developing confidence and independence. They were learning about the world and themselves.

Companies like East Fork Pottery actually have entire product lines dedicated to helping children learn responsibility through hands-on use of breakable items. It’s not every day that you find such an awesome company, making such carefully crafted things for families.

Lead Safety Supervisor

As you read up about their great story, and explore their exquisitely crafted mugs, don’t forget to check out their Lead Safety Supervisor (pictured above). She seems like a real boss. You can also pick up a mug for you and your child here.

Learn More:

We have other resources for parents as they seek to empower their children. Here are a few great reads from the Primary community that help further explain the rationale behind empowering children to use real, breakable objects: The More Breakable the Better and Breaking the Adult Reaction.

Have you seen awesome companies doing great things for children? Send us a note! We’d love to showcase their work.

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