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Story by October 02, 2017
Now you can get the advice and support of the village in one go-to parenting app: Primary.

The old saying goes: “It takes a village to raise a child.”

Now you can get the advice and support of the village in one go-to parenting app: Primary.

The positive community in Primary includes parents, grandparents, educators and just about anyone who wants to help children learn and thrive.

"I love getting the emails with ideas about new activities to do with my child. I also love the friendly reminders about normal childhood development - it makes me feel part of a larger community. Thanks!" -
Kelsey, Primary Parent

Here’s what makes the community so great:

A Focus on Positivity

Is it helpful? Is it kind? These are two questions we ask ourselves before posting any article, contributor submission or comment in Primary. Parenting is hard enough, so why not focus on the good rather than get bogged down by the bad?

Access to High-Quality Information and Advice

The resources you’ll find in Primary are written or vetted by a group of Montessori educators. Enjoy a worry-free reading experience, knowing that there are real people behind every word.

More Than One Way to Parent

The community in Primary is made up of a diverse group of parents and educators. Just because we come from a Montessori background, doesn’t mean your child needs to be enrolled at a Montessori school to utilize the time-tested tips and advice you’ll find in Primary. We’re all in it together.

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