Primary – The App for Parents

April 18, 2016
Primary is an app for parents, with tools to encourage positivity, engagement, and learning.


We’ll provide the following:

This entire ecosystem is built on the idea that technology should be used to encourage parents to spend more time with their children.

In the app, we have just three basic guidelines we ask that everyone follow. They’re pretty straightforward, and if we all abide by them, we know we’ll truly help one another build a lifestyle of learning.

  1. Be Nice: Positivity feels good. Help celebrate parenthood with positive ideas, tips, and stories! Not so much #rant, as #amazing.
  2. Be Helpful: These tips, activities, and articles are for you! Please feel free to post anything that helps children learn and helps parents become better parents. Before posting, ask yourself, “Would I find this constructive and helpful?”
  3. Be Open: In the Montessori classroom, children are inspired to learn everyday. Parents aren’t any different! Let’s stay open minded to ideas from the community.

At its core, we’re creating a “prepared environment” for parents to engage in practices aligned with core Montessori principles and values. Like:

Collectively, we can develop the tools and community to become an even better support system for our children and families. Together, we can achieve anything. You can download Primary here.


Q: What age range is Primary for?
A: The goal is to make Primary as accessible to as many parents and families as possible. While the activities will be targeted primarily towards children between 2 years old and roughly six years old, we’re really trying to focus on the idea that learning is a lifestyle.

Q: How much is Primary?
A: The app is free!! Download now to start reading articles, receiving tips, and chatting with other parents. There is an option to subscribe to Activity Packs for 7.99 a month. You’ll have unlimited access to all the packs in the library, and we’ll add a new pack weekly. Each Activity Pack contains 7 days of activities around a specific topic, so you can explore alongside your child!

Q: Who is Primary for?
A: Created by educators, Primary is built for all parents and families.

Q: Who are the writers?
A: Primary features a wide range of contributors, from educators to moms, dads, and specialists from other areas of childhood development. Of course, team Montessorium is present as well! We’re always looking to feature new voices. Send us a note if you’d like to contribute.

Q: Which devices is Primary designed for?
A: Primary is currently available for iOS devices. Don’t worry, we’re remedying that soon, and have more information in the next question!

Q: What about non-iPhone users?
A: Coming soon, you’ll be able to access Primary on the web, so from any device or computer! We want to make Primary available to as many parents as possible, and the team will continue to work to bring Primary to other platforms as resources allow. Thank you for your patience!

Q: How do I unsubscribe from my Primary subscription?
A: We’re sad to see you go, but understand that every family has different needs. Here’s how to unsubscribe.

Q: Who should I contact if I have a question or idea for content?
A: We’d love to hear from you! Send us a note at and we’ll be in touch shortly!

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