Intro to Geography – World Edition App Guide

October 07, 2015

Greetings from Montessorium!

Wow. We can’t express how excited we are to present an app that introduces every single country on the planet to your child.

The idea for this app began with our first geography app, Intro to Geography-North America. After hearing the positive things users had to say, we knew we couldn’t stop there. We had to expand to the world.

It wasn’t easy! Our team double and triple checked country names, locations, and flags, as well as translated the app (with a little help) into 7 different languages. Have you mastered the country names in English? Try it next in Spanish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, or Chinese!

We’re so pleased with the app, and hope you enjoy it as well. So let’s get started! Explore our world with Intro to Geography-World Edition.

All the best,


Bobby and June George

Intro to Geography-World Edition, by Montessorium with Rand McNally Education

The world at your fingertips. This geography app helps your child or student learn the names, shapes, locations, and flag of every country in the world. Explore new knowledge through puzzles, challenges, matching, and drawing exercises.

We’d love to take a closer look at each activity, how it relates to materials and work in the Montessori classroom, as well as provide a few ideas for activities beyond the app. Let’s get started!


After choosing a continent on the home page, we land on a roadmap that guides our progression through the first 6 activities. The developers default is to work with 6 countries, however, you have the option in the Parent Portal to choose sets of 3, 6, 9, or 12 countries at a time. To access the parent portal, click the compass rose on the front screen of the app, then choose settings. Just a note, when changing the pace, the app does reset, so all progress will be lost. It’s a great way to start the app from the beginning, if you’ve played through it already!

Drag and Drop

The first stop on the roadmap is a simple drag and drop activity. The names of the countries aren’t introduced quite yet, but rather, 3 at a time, a child is able to drop the countries into place based on shape alone. We’re just getting started…

Presentation of names

Progressing to the second stop on the roadmap, we are presented with country names. One by one, we are able to associate the names of the countries with their shapes.

Following the presentation of names, this new vocabulary is reinforced. Out of a set of three, we are asked to tap on a specific country. This way, we’ve learned the country names one at a time, and are also able to distinguish them from each other.

Names and Locations

Repetition is an important component in the  Montessori classroom. It fulfills a child’s natural desire to repeat activities he or she finds compelling, in the same way you might throw a ball back and forth for what seems like hours.

We’ve added a component of repetition in Intro to Geography-World Edition that incorporates the Three Period Lesson from the Montessori classroom. This third activity along the roadmap reiterates country names, shapes, and locations, combining the previous activities in a more challenging exercise.

Draw lines to match

The next activity reinforces our new vocabulary by giving us the opportunity to match the country name and shape. By this time, we’ve interacted with the countries in three different ways, really allowing us to explore and digest the new information!

Learn the flags

Every country has a unique flag. You and your child will be presented with the flags, followed by an activity in which you will be asked to tap on a given country. The variation in flag color and design is pretty amazing.

Flag Coloring

In this activity, your child will be able to choose a flag, color it, and drop it onto the country it belongs to. The colors and designs of the world’s flags are stunning!

Beyond the app

  1. Are you world travelers? If so, on the continent roadmap page, speak with your child about the places you’ve been, and your memories from there. “Do you remember what we ate when we went to Mexico?”, or “What did we see in Italy?”. If you haven’t traveled, speak about where you might like to go one day.
  2. There are big differences in nature around the world. Compare and contrast the weather, physical features, and relationship to water of different continents. For example, the countries close to the equator have warmer weather all year round. The closer you move to the poles, or top and bottom edges of the screen, the colder it gets!
  3. The flags of the world are so beautiful. Take screenshots of your favorites, and then design your own! How can you represent yourself, your family, or your town in a flag? The possibilities are endless…

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